Trying New Things

I LOVE the feeling of being prepared for anything…. right now I have several tins of assembled “from scratch” cinnamon rolls as well as a couple of homemade pizza crusts in my freezer.  I make sure I always have the ingredients for One Bowl Brownies in case the need arises.  I have a TON of cards ready for any occasion…. I should have gift wrap too!  So I went to the craft store and bought several of these plain gift sacks.  Today is my day for Creative Inspirations so I decided to paint this one.  I stamped my presents in Stazon Black and then painted them solidly with Tickled Pink followed by a fade in of Fuscia.  These paints are really good for shading in this type scenario.  It doesn’t give the same effect as markers or pencils, but instead it give the effect of an actualy painting which looks great!  Plus these colors are so bright and vibrant… it really is true the color you see in the pot is the color you get!  I’m gonna make some more of these so when birthdays roll around I’m ready to go!


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6 responses to “Trying New Things

  1. nice idea, always handy to have some gift bags ready! : )

  2. Shelly Schmidt

    Great idea- I am always scurring around at the last minute looking for the perfect wrapping paper ot gift bag! How cool is that! TFS

  3. How cool! What a great idea!

  4. Love the bag! I really should be more prepared for things… Nah, I don’t think that far in advance 😛

  5. Gerrie

    OMG, you are prepared for everything, how wonderful to be so organized! I only wish…lol Can never have enuf of these, great project!

  6. Cute gift bag! I have always wanted to make my own, but just have never had the time yet, I’m really going to have to try this! Great job!

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