Treat of the Week: PW Cinnamon Rolls

OK- if you can spare about 2 hours ever…. I highly suggest you make these!  Of course, again, I am working from my Pioneer Woman cookbook… it hasn’t let me down yet!  I started these little gems yesterday morning….. scalded the milk and added the yeast and whatnot let it cool (did the dishes)… let them sit for an hour with the yeast (cleaned the living room) and then rolled them out!   That was a first for me!  The recipes makes TWO 30″ X 10″ rectangles that you add butter and sugar and cinnamony goodness to and roll up… my problem?  Where do I roll out a 30 inch rectangle?  I ended up cleaning off one whole side of the island in my kitchen and flouring the whole thing.  Truly if you do other things during the milk cooling and dough rising, this doesn’t take much of your time!  I ended p with 6 whole tins of them- froze 5 and baked one (I had to try them!).  I also have a homemade pizze crust and 2 pie crusts in there right now!  Now I am prepared for any event!  Again, I highly suggest her book and if you don’t have $30 for it right now… go browse her website, its free and its worth it!

I must apologize for the poor photography compared to other Treats, the kitchen doesn’t make a great studio!


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2 responses to “Treat of the Week: PW Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Mmm! Those look so good! I just picked up the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook at the library on Friday, so I can’t wait to try these out!

    How do you freeze them? Just pop the whole tin in a freezer bag, or what?

  2. These look so very yummy! 🙂

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