Treat of the Week: Cake Balls

This weeks story is one of tragedy AND success.  I love Bakerella (  I have been a fan of her Cake Pops for a long time.  I finally tried to do it myself… and here is what happened:

Not pretty.  They were too heavy and just slid down the sticks!!!! I tried to make them smaller and see if that helped:

Its not all beautiful and perfectly round like hers… but it was my first time!  Unfortunately this used up most of my blue sugar so I decided to back up, re-evaluate, and start again.  The cake balls were already made, they just needed their coating.  Since I love to grind up chocolate chips and roll my cupcakes in them, I decided the best move would be to remove the sticks and make them “Cake Ball Truffles”:

 They turned out well and I’ll definitely try again!  Here’s my take on this, DON’T try to do this when you have a deadline!  If you are planning these for someones birthday or a specific occasion- do a practice round first!  Its all about technique!  I like them and I think the second round will be better!  To see how they are done:

I used a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting and then dipped them in melted dark chocolate and ground up chocolate chips.  Learning lesson!!!!


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4 responses to “Treat of the Week: Cake Balls

  1. I LOVE your cake ball truffles! Way to adapt! That truffle looks yummy for sure 😀 I will definitely have to try to make some of those myself, whether in pop form or truffle form I’m not sure yet :p

  2. I have so wanted to try these too, but had a feeling they might not be as easy as they look. Good save turning them into cake ball truffles though.

  3. LOVE your cake ball truffles. It looks so good, I want to take a bite!

  4. I love the Cake Pop idea. I also love Bakerella’s blog. I will go back when I have a bit more time and I’m not so hungry.

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