Treat Of The Week: Scones

This week’s treat is actually one I made for a friend whose husband is in the hospital… I figure, she’s probably drinking a lot of coffee and not eating much (just basing this on how I would be behaving in the same situation!) so…. scones!  This is another of the Pioneer Woman’s recipes from her book that I OH-SO-LOVE.  Hers in the book have pecans but I subbed for chocolate chips.  I think I could have pressed the dough together more- it was really crumbly when I formed the “wheel”.  I could have added more chocolate chips.   I could ALWAYS add more chocolate chips….  If you STILL haven’t been to her website (insanity… go there so you can make these!) here is the link:


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2 responses to “Treat Of The Week: Scones

  1. pezadoodle

    oh i LOVE pioneer womn! don’t have her book yet but it is on my list!

  2. Oh my gosh, those look amazing! I love scones, and I started making them for special breakfasts last year. I do lemon poppy seed, blueberry, mini chocolate chip… I really want to try chocolate chip and cherries together. I think that’d be a really yummy combo. I even make my own faux clotted cream.

    My recipe isn’t hers, but the Pioneer Woman ROCKS! I can’t wait to get her cookbook.

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