Treat Of The Week: Red Velvet Cake

I have deicided to do a Treat of the Week on the blog now… my goal is to post a new cooking treat every Friday.  I’ll test recipes from my favorite relatives, blogs, and websites and give you photo proof of whether or not they are any good!                                                                                                                                                                           I am in love with my new cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  She lives and cooks and works on a ranch outside the city I work in and she is all the buzz.  Her cookbook came out awhile ago, but very quickly sold out here in Oklahoma.  My husband and I went to Barnes and Noble on Valentines Day and there was a whole display!  I snatched it immediately!  Truly it is an amazing book.  There are pictorial step-by-step of just awesome normal food that every cook wants to be able to make and make well.  I’ve already learned from her and its only been a week!  I highly recommend it!

ANYWAY- this is how my attempt at her red velvet cake turned out!  I had never made red velvet cake and was a little intimidated by it because everybody loves a good one and hates a bad one!  I made this one today and let me tell you… it tastes as good as it looks…. well it looks really good because my husband is an awesome photographer that loves to photograph my cooking projects!  BUT it is delicious!  I can’t share the recipe here but I can give you the link to her website!

It has recipes and tutorials and so much more!  Go there!  Buy the book!  Trust me!!!


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5 responses to “Treat Of The Week: Red Velvet Cake

  1. I love the Pioneer Woman and follow her site. I am so happy so see she is becoming more popular.

  2. Looks really tasty! I love red velvet cake

  3. That looks SO good! I love red velvet cake. Hershy ice cream has a red velvet flavor and it iss deeee- vine. =0) I live in Oklahoma to!

  4. Rebekka

    This looks delicious.. I havent had red velvet cake since a kid.

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