Olympics Baby!!!!

ITS OLYMPICS TIME!!!!!!!!!  Don’t know about you folks…. but I LOVE the Olympics!!! Summer, winter, it doesn’t matter!  My husband’s cousin Erin ALSO loves the Olympics, so we combined it with her dad’s birthday party and we are going to have a family get together to watch the first day of competition.  We are making snacks from around the world and a cake with the rings on it 🙂  She has designed a bracketed Wii tournament and we are going to draw “countries” out of a hat to represent in the bracket- so we have to have medals right????  I took my On Board chipboard and covered it with cardstock (More Mustard, Really Rust, and Basic Gray)  Then I covered them each with Stickles and punched a line of holes at the top for the ribbons.  I also versamarked and embossed the backs with clear embossing powder so my husband could take pictures of them in the snow… since it IS the Winter Games and all.  So excited!   ALSO, since it’s a birthday party for Erin’s dad… we have to have a cake!   We really never get to celebrate his birthday cuz he works a lot and he’s very modest…. so we decided to make the biggest cake EVER!!! Its three 13x9x2 cakes pushed together and then carved into the rings.  There was no way we would have time to make a cake from scratch AND icing AND do all the carving… we went with boxed cake and canned frosting.  It took 3 cans of frosting to ice this bad boy!!  I know, I know you can’t even tell it was homemade right?


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9 responses to “Olympics Baby!!!!

  1. How cool is that?! I love the Olympics too….and I especially love the winter Olympics!

  2. Super cool idea! I am a huge Winter Olympic fan as well. What a fun party.

  3. Sounds like a lotta fun!!! I think the medals look great and the cake looks yummy!!

  4. Christy

    I’m with you—love the Olympics! It sounds like a great party and of course all the created snacks will be a huge hit! Party on!~

  5. Love the medals! Very cool idea! Love the Olympics as well!

  6. Great! Love the medals. My boys would just love those. Time to get busy!

  7. These are fantastic, looks so delicious!

  8. Joan

    oh what fun! You did a great job!

  9. So fun! Way to think out of the box!

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