Fall Weather!

newbikeOh, the weather outside is…. AWESOME!  Its a great day for a bike ride.  My husband is turning me into a bike rider and I have to say, its pretty fun!  Now is a great time to get a bike if you are thinking about it… the 2009 models are on sale while they make room for 2010 models.  For info on what to do with your old bike check out the Tulsa Hub.  They are a charitable organization here that does a lot to promote bike safety and make Tulsa a more bike friendly town- http://www.tulsahub.org/  This is my new bike… isn’t it cute?!?  You may notice the lack of gears, and brakes for that matter— it IS a single speed and it has coaster brakes.  I have taken it on a couple long rides (even on city streets) and while, a single speed is a lot of work… its really fun!  I’m going to put a basket on it and maybe a fun headlight!  That way in the spring I can ride it to the market and things like that.  Think about the times you could take a bike instead of a car… any ideas?  I work a long way from home (30 miles) so I’ll probably never ride my bike to work… but I WILL take it to get a few things from the grocery store or just for some exercise that doesn’t involve an eliptical machine and a television set.  I like to cruise the neighborhood and get ideas for my yard and check out other peoples decorations during holiday seasons.  Get on out there and enjoy these days!

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