Mmmm Cupcake

cupcakemmmmAs a part of my “lets play with cake mix series” I decided to make doctored up cupcakes for one of my employees’ birthdays… and MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!   Now, there are such crazy people in the world that do not like chocolate- don’t make these! I took a chocolate cake mix and mixed it according to the directions on the package – meanwhile I was melting one 4.4 ounce bar of chocolate in a makeshift double boiler on the stove (see below).  I then stirred that and some extra cocoa powder (2 tablespoons) into the mix.  I baked according to the box and then cooled them and frosted them with canned frosting- which I also added 2 tablespoons of extra cocoa powder to.  I ground up some Dove dark chocolate squares in the food processor and rolled each cupcake in the chocolate bits… mmmmmm cupcake!chocolate

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