Katie’s Birthday Bag

bagIts Katie’s birthday! She is my sister-in-law and also a fello stamp-a-holic… so I had to do something great for her! I forgot to take a picture at home so I took it in the car on my lap while my husband drove us to her house!  I had some chipboard ornaments with square frames (the part that was supposed to be trash) so I painted it and a letter K with Kraft White and then glued and added dazzling diamonds and modge-podged over it… I hate sprinkly glitter all over the place.  Then I layered with some razzleberry lemonade paper.  Other than drying time it was super fast and easy but I was very pleased with the result! Inside was an assortment of Stampin Up goodies…. plus some cozy socks because she and I have the same love of patterend socks 🙂  Happy Birthday Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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4 responses to “Katie’s Birthday Bag

  1. the personal touch is always the best! hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Don’t ya hate it when you forget to take pictures of your projects?? I think yours came out great and I’m sure your sister in law loved it!
    I love your blog header too! What sweet and beautiful eyes 🙂

  3. I have pictures like that too! Very cute bag, and thanks for the tip about the modge podge over the glitter, I will have to try that.

  4. Katie M

    I am the SIL and it was such a wonderful birthday gift! I am glad to know how you did the glitter so it wasn’t messy. Great idea! Thanks for all of the goodies! I laid them all out on Sunday during nap time and just drooled over them. 🙂 The bag is going to be displayed in my craft area somehow. Yippee!

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