September Showers Bring Pumpkin Flowers!

pumpkinsI decided to plant 2 pumpkin seeds in July in the hopes of having my own little pumpkin patch this year…. well 1 plant didn’t make and the other turned in to this! Its still growing too! Hopefully all of those yellow flowers will be pumkins in a couple months (right in time for Halloween!)- and to make it even better I had a garden area in my back yard that the dogs like to trample (for instance if I put delicate flowers there).  To keep them out I started the seeds in a peet cup inside and then planted the cup directly in the ground when the plant was a few inches tall.  I placed a tomato cage around it to keep the puppies out (they know the cages mean stay away from this) and when the plant was hearty enough I moved the cage and it just took off from there! In a few weeks I hope to have pumpkins to show you!

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