DSCF2376There are lots of flowers and plants that I have fantastical ideas about in my head that I have programmed my brain to think… those must only be for the most serious of gardners to grow.  Like, really… Master Gardner Status.  This year though, in my quest to fill the front yard with attractive perinneals (attractive being the operative word….not a ton of those to choose from in Oklahoma that will truly do well) I happened on a lonely azalea plant at the hardware store.  I knew from my blueberry growing experience last year that these require nice acidic soil AND that I also happened to have some leftover Azalea fertilizer that I had been using for the blueberries.  I was initimidated by this plant because I instantly thought of the Azalea Festival in Muskogee or wherever and if they have their own festival it MUST be some sort of ordeal to grow them!  This is just the way my brain processes these things.  So I picked it up, its a fall bloomer and this was June, so we were right on track.  I plugged it into my prepared hole that I had just removed an unhappy hasta from (too much sun for the little guy) and have been giving it its acidic fertilizer every 2 weeks ever since.  Today it all paid off when I discovered the first bloom on my way to the car!  A beutiful red fall bloom.  Since this is literally all the work I have done for this plant, I figure you too could have gorgeous azaleas in your yard next year!

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